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  • Michael Manning

Ruminations on Integrity


Integrity is something that has been coming up for me a few times this year, particularly in the last few weeks. Integrity is something I desire to see more in the world around me and its something I am particularly craving to see in our politicians and the leaders in the world.

Seeing the world around me as lacking integrity, and recognizing the world around me as a reflection of what is inside me, I turn my gaze inwards and ask myself how am I lacking integrity?

Do I do what I say I will do?

Do I tell lies? (even white ones)

Do I lie to myself?

Do I keep secrets about myself?

Do I keep my word?

We all have our own moral compass, our own conscience, our own perspective of what is right and wrong, this is an individual thing, but the commonality of this allows us to have a somewhat homogeneous society.

The word integrity is comes from the word ‘integer’ which is defined as “a number which is not a fraction; a whole number”.

So a desire for integrity then is recognised as a desire for oneness or wholeness within my conscience, the integration of contrary beliefs thoughts.

It is our experiences in life that lead us to conclusions and beliefs, we adopt a perspective about a thing based of our experience of it, and for the most part this is not objective.

The trouble for me has been contradictory thoughts and beliefs, and what action to take when faced with contrary but valid parts of myself that disagree.

When there is a choice in life and I don't know which way to go?

When I have desire to act with integrity but I have contradicting beliefs about what action has more integrity. What do I do? What do you do?

One of my highest values is self love, and so I ask “how can I show myself love in this situation”? For me asking this question immediately reveals the right path for me.

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