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  • Michael Manning

Remember them with Love instead of loss

In Chinese Medicine we see Grief and loss and Sadness as emotions associated with the lungs, these emotions inhibit the lungs normal functions indeed it is common to see issues with the lungs arise while experiencing grief, asthma can be exacerbated, colds and flues are common.

Of all the emotions we can feel grief is often seen as one of the slowest emotions to shift, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Underneath grief lies feelings of sadness, abandonment, hurt, sometimes even anger, but ultimately a perception of separation.

Acknowledge these feelings, let yourself experience them.

All feelings are valid.

Then turn your attention to the ultimate truth of Oneness, and feel into the love that is at the heart of that grief.

Let your feeling of Love be a balm for your perception of loss, focus on the love that will always live in your heart.

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