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  • Michael Manning

5 Ways you can express your emotions... and why its so important

Feelings are a fundamental part of our experience of this reality but so often we invalidate them, suppress them, sometimes we think of them as unimportant, intangible, confusing, not real.

That is Bulls@#t on a fundamental level our internal experience is far more real than what is going on around us in the physical environment.

Our emotions are telling us what is going on deep down, they can help us understand ourselves better, they can help us become aware of our underlying beliefs and thoughts.

When you feel a certain way, when your emotions are confusing to you, start asking yourself why you are feeli

ng that way?

when you start suppressing emotions they will always find a way out, they might come out as anxiety, stress, depression, anger but they will find a way out.

Parts of our culture subscribe to the idea that we should have a stiff upper lip, hold your chin up and get on with things. That it is an admirable thing to push your feelings down and get the job done.

It is time that we as a society start to change ourselves.

Express what you are feeling, when someone asks how you are doing tell them the truth, own your feelings weather it is anger, joy, love or fear none of these are bad things they are just feeling and there is a good reason we are feeling them.

The first step to changing your experience is to acknowledge what you are feeling.

Feelings need to be expressed, we need to feel them and let them out or they hold us back and keep us running away from a part of ourselves. , you don’t necessarily have to share them with someone.

5 Ways you can express your emotions

1. keep a journal, it doesnt have to be pages and pages a couple of lines is enough

2. Draw what your feelings, it doesnt have to be amazing, you dont have to stick it on the wall, just get some coloured pencils and draw what you feel.

3. Dance, it doesnt have to be graceful, just move your body, put some music that suites how you are feeling and move your body however feels right,

4. Talk to an “imaginary” person, your feelings may be directed towards a person imagine them sitting in the chair in front of you and tell them what you are feeling.

5. yell, scream, cry, make a noise, just let it out.

Often what we feel cant be put into words easily or the words don’t quite cover it or you feel multiple conflicting things, that’s where the non-verbal expressions of emotions can help.

In order to express emotions in these ways you must feel into them,

acknowledge them, and accept them, be present with them.

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