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Acupuncture + massage + cupping + Relaxation +

Exactly what your body Needs 

Individually tailored to your needs, we will get a picture of your overall health and main complaints and customise the session just for you, it may include Acupuncture (but it doesn't have to) there is often some massage or manual therapies, maybe some cupping, there is usually some energy work and relaxation meditation. 
we will design a session to address the cause of your discomfort and bring you back into a state of balance and harmony

90 Min Initial consultation        -    $127

60 Min Standard consultation   -    $97 

Massage/Manual Therapy

Relax & Rest

Having studied many different massages, manual therapies and ways of working with the body, I have taken the most effective parts and combined them into my own unique muscle manipulation massage. designed to help you release relax and let go. This treatment will address the symptoms and cause of your disharmony.

60 Min - $127

Cupping at tai chi acupuncture


Releasing your Fascia

our cupping treatments will leave you feeling relaxed and enjoying the benefits for weeks to come, we use the latest in cupping techniques, to stimulate both your muscles and fascia to release, stimulate blood supply to the muscles, and long term increase the oxygen supply those muscles are receiving. The modern Silicon Cups we use are so versatile they allow us to cup areas of the body that it was not possible to treat with traditional cups, shoulders knees, feet, wrists.


30 Min  -  $47   

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